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It's all about the power of communication. Working in sales and customer service provides you with the stepping stones to develop your skillsets while generating new business for brands that we work with. As a Brand Ambassador, you represent brands, generate leads, and create brand awareness, all while improving your communication skills.

You Have 3 Key Responsibilities When Talking To Customers In A Face-To-Face Environment.

1. Presenting the product or service

2. Representing the brand with enthusiasm and passion

3. Being a brand guardian via exceptional customer service


Residential Marketing

As a Brand Ambassador, you will get to speak with people at their homes, sharing the exciting brands you are representing directly with your target audience.



As a Brand Ambassador, you attend largescale events and conventions, meet hundreds, if not thousands of people, and share with them the amazing brands you are representing.


Business To Business

As a Brand Ambassador, you will speak directly with businesses about products and services that are relevant to them, generating brand awareness and sales for the brand you are representing.